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SEL16f28 & Converter Review - tested and rated (Sony E 16mm f2.8 | Ultra Wide & Fish Eye Converter)

Lens Review Review of the SEL16f28 and VCL-ECU1 and VCL-ECF1.

Check DXoMark or photozone for scientific lens lab tests:

Explanation Video on how I test all my lenses:

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equipment shown in this video:
Sony Nex3
Sony SELP1650 16-50mm f 3.5-5.6
Sony 16mm f 2.8
Sony Ultra Wide Converter
Sony Fish Eye Converter

Filmed with:
Sony a5100
Sony 16mm f 2.8
Sony Ultra Wide Converter
Sony Fish Eye Converter
Sony 24mm f1.8
Sony 35mm f1.8
Zhiyun Crane Gimbal
Rod Den : Excellent review
tomplets : Stellar review format. Thank you!
Trainer 72 : Great review, thank you
Fritz : Excellent review - logical, informative, and helpful.  Well done!
Rvgerwen : Golf an extreme sport? Try checkers
Raúl Blas Fernández : Really good in depth review. You deserve a millon subscribers.!
Jesse King : what's a "mouth mount"??? did you bite the mount to take the shots?
Rahul Mamtani : any alternate AF lens ?? for ultra wide shot or vlog ? becoz 10-18mm it very very expensive !! please help
Nassafras : Do you think you could link us to some of these lens?
Please and thank you :)
1000sofusernames : Good review, you've saved me some money! Samyang 12mm instead.

sony NEX E16mmF2.8 + VCL-ECU1 + VCL-ECF1

ソニーNEX用 16mmF2.8 + VCL-ECU1 + VCL-ECF1

Zhiyun Crane M2 with Sony A5100 with 16mm f2.8 + VCL-ECU1 night test// Chung Dha

Testing the new Zhiyun Crane M2 gimbal with a Sony A5100 as its got no ibis to and using a non stabilised lens to see how stable it is. Also filming at night capturing interesting locations in Hong Kong.

Zhiyun Crane M2 -

This video is filmed with:
Sony A5100 -
Sony 16mm f2.8 -
Sony Wide converter -

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro -

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Chung Dha © 2019 Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
someone who get bored easily : what video format that he used im curious
Kristen Conger : Hey I loved this! Are you still happy with the gimbal? I put it in my cart and it I still want it in a few days I think I’ll buy it! I do a lot of workout videos and filming walks and stuff.
Marcos Seru : So great. Best video with this camera.
bernard jackson : Wow
Didi Sroetoet : What is the result of the Vortex 360" A5100 + Sony sel 35mm F 1.8?
Dee Lexus : Omg this is beautiful im so happy i purchased a sony 5100
Emmanuel David : I also own an A5100.. I'm planning on getting a Gimbal.. Do you have a SEL35F18? I was wondering if Crane M2 will work on A5100 + SEL35F18?
Nosio Takahashi : I also bought m2crane and use 5100. informative !
Emile Crajé : How did you connect it to your Sony A5100. Did you manage to connect it without a cable? If yes, can you tell me the steps?
Justin Molina : i am using zhiyun crane m2 but my clips are shaky how do you get stabilize shots




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